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Raleigh, NC Office Tower CFA Foundation

Morris-Shea installed more than 200 continuous flight augercast (CFA) piles as a deep foundation for a Raleigh, NC multi-story office tower. The CFA piles were ideal for the soil conditions at the jobsite. The 36 inch diameter piles were installed in lengths up to 90 feet. Pile installation averaged 12 piles per day.

CFA Pile Installation

Initially, each pile number was entered into the Automated Monitoring System maintained in an onboard computer on each Morris-Shea drill rig.

The CFA tooling was advanced with high torque rotation and crowd force. Morris-Shea’s Fundex 3500 drill rig is capable of exerting up to 50 tons of torque, 45 tons of crowd force and 120 tons of extraction force.

The drill tool was connected by hose to a high-powered mobile concrete pump. Self-consolidating, coarse aggregate concrete mix was pumped under pressure through the hollow stem of the CFA tool to the base of the borehole.

Construction of each pile was completed by placing a Morris-Shea steel reinforcing cage in the drilled hole.

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