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Earth Retention Design and Installation


Morris-Shea designs and installs sheeting and shoring for temporary use as earth retention in excavation sites to retain soil and support existing structures. Our projects range from small access ramps to long sea walls and large cofferdams.

We have considerable experience in the design and construction of sheet piling, soldier pile and lagging walls for use as earth retention. Morris-Shea constructs both internally braced and anchored structures, depending on a project’s earth retention requirements.

Our team can design sheeting and shoring with internal bracing and deadmen or drilled tie-back anchor systems. Morris-Shea’s in-house design and detailing capabilities allow for the optimization of a pile design, providing construction efficiencies and performance enhancements.


Morris-Shea designs and installs beam and lagging walls as temporary or permanent earth retention systems for both shallow and deep excavations. These economical systems efficiently manage critical load requirements in difficult excavation applications.

Beam and lagging walls are typically constructed with vertically driven or drilled flanged beams that can be anchored to tieback systems for additional load management. Steel, wood or precast concrete panels are inserted between the spaced steel flanged beams for use as horizontal lagging.

Soil Retention Wall
Soil Retention Wall
Earth Retention
Earth Retention Wall
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