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DeWaal Pile System Installation
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Marine Foundation Construction
Pile Installation

Value Engineered Alternate Systems

Morris-Shea can provide a Value Engineered (VE) alternate to a project’s base bid design to improve production efficiency and lessen project expense. Our VE alternates often offer higher capacity piles and reduce both the pile count and the amount of foundation concrete originally required.

We offer a full range of foundation techniques including the original DeWaal Drilled Displacement (DDP) System. This patented field-proven foundation has been a successful redesign for augercast and other typical piles for decades. DeWaal DDP improves load capacity and installation scheduling on most projects when specified as a Value Engineered alternate. Morris-Shea also assumes the risk of guarantying the capacity of the DeWaal DDP as a VE alternate.

Our Value Engineered redesign can offer significant savings and help to bring a project to completion on time and under budget.

VE Redesign of Specification

The Morris-Shea team of construction professionals work with the industry’s foremost geotechnical engineers to test soil conditions and determine the most advantageous pile type for each project.

Morris-Shea also offers its own CPT capabilities and an archive of test results dating back to 1992 from which to establish the ideal VE foundation specification for your project.

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