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Drilled Shaft

Drilled Shaft Installation

Drilled shafts (caisson) are often installed from temporary work platform at marine jobsites. Morris-Shea pioneered…

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CFA Pile

Continuous Flight Augercast CFA Pile

Continuous Flight Auger pile installed with Morris-Shea Fundex F3500 drill rig. Our fleet of powerful…

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CSM Wall Installation

CSM Wall Installation

Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) panels are formed by drilling overlapping primary and secondary panels to…

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Tuscaloosa CSM Jobsite

CSM Wall Soil Retention

Cutter Soil Mixing, CSM, is an advanced soil mixing technique that offers soil retention and…

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Cutter Soil Mixing Tool

Cutter Soil Mixing Equipment

Cutter Soil Mixing equipment employs an advanced soil mixing technique utilizing two rotating cutter heads…

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Reinforcing Steel Cage

Automated Welder for Reinforcing Steel Cage

Morris-Shea utilizes state-of-the-artautomated welders to fabricate its own steel cages for use as reinforcement for…

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Poured Concrete Foundation Shoring

Plant Expansion Shoring for Poured Concrete Foundation

Morris-Shea designed and installed a steel soldier pile and wood lagging system within the restricted…

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Morris-Shea Fundex F3500 Drill Rig

Morris-Shea Fundex F3500 Drill Rig

This Fundex F3500 drill rig is positioning over a pile point prior to beginning installation…

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Morris-Shea Fundex CD20D

Loading Casing into Fundex CD20D in Spruce Goose Hanger

Loading 14-inch casings into Morris-Shea Fundex CD20D drill rig for installation as a permanent CIDH…

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CFA Pile Installation

CFA Pile Installation for Deep Foundation

This Raleigh, NC jobsite scene presents a skid loader removing spoils created by a Fundex…

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Morris-Shea Pipe Piles

Morris-Shea Installation of Pipe Piles at Disney World

Morris-Shea installed 20” diameter pipe piles with 0.5” wall thickness to depths up to 160-feet…

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Morris-Shea Fundex CD20D Drill Rig

Fundex CD20D Drill Rig in Restricted Access Environment

Morris-Shea Fundex CD20D drill rig installs cast-in-drilled-hole (CIDH) deep foundation piles in a restricted access…

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Morris-Shea CFA Foundation

CFA Foundation Installation for Raleigh, NC Office Tower

Morris-Shea used a Fundex F3500 drill rig to install more than 200 continuous flight auger…

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Morris-Shea Disney World Cofferdam Installation

Disney World Cofferdam installation

The Morris-Shea team designed and installed this internally braced cofferdam, constructed of PZ-27 sheet piling,…

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Morris-Shea Automated Monitoring Equipment Transmits Pile Data

Morris-Shea Onboard Monitoring System

All aspects of the drilling process and concrete placement are observed and recorded by the…

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Morris-Shea Cone Penetration Test CPT Rig

Morris-Shea 30-Ton Cone Penetration Test (CPT) rig

The Morris-Shea cone penetration test CPT rig incorporates new test results with archival information to…

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Morris-Shea Novelis Plant Expansion

Deep Foundation Installation for Novelis Plant Expansion

Morris-Shea utilized Fundex F3500, Fundex F2800 and Fundex CD20D drill rigs to install DeWaal and…

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Marine Foundation Structure, Marine Foundation System

Marine Foundation Structure

The installation of marine structures at ports and waterways often requires unique construction techniques such…

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Morris-Shea Cone Penetration Testing Rig

Cone Penetration Testing Rig Interior

This interior view of the 30-ton Morris-Shea Cone Penetration Testing rig (CPT) presents the results…

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DeWaal Pile System Installation In Urban Environment

DeWaal Pile System Installation in Urban Environment

This DeWaal Pile System installation was in close proximity to an urban area with stringent…

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